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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Your Ad Here Step 1:
Requesting for the service

Send a SMS in the following format
Activatewaphandset makehandset model to '927'

For example; activate wap nokia 7210

An acknowledgement message will be sent back to you.

Alternatively call Customer Care on 121 or walk into any Glo world outlet and request for the glo mobile internet service.

Step 2:
Setting up your handset

You will be sent a SMS containing the configuration settings. Simply save the settings. This will enable you to use the glo mobile internet service.

Please note: It may take up to 24 hours to have your line activated for the glo mobile internet service.
Automatic configuration is handset dependent.

Step 3
You may wish to store some 'bookmarks'. These make it easy for you to access your favorite WAP sites.

How is glo mobile internet charged?
glo mobile internet is charged on the basis of volume of data that you download in terms of Kilobyte. A Kilobyte of Kb is 1024 computer characters such as letters, numbers and symbols. This simply means that as you open up a WAP page, you will be charged for the size of that page.

Manual Settings (courtesy of kmuyibi):
Homepage: [wap.gloworld.com]
Bearer: GPRS
Access Point (APN): glogwap
security: Unsecure
IP Address:
Username: wap
Password: wap

Glo Mobile in Nigeria

WAP Settings
Name: Glogwap
*Homepage: http://wap.gloworld.com/
*Bearer: GPRS
*Access Point (APN): glogwap
IP Address:
*Username: wap
*Password: wap
Session Mode: permanent
Connection Security: off
Authentication type: normal
Login type: Automatic

MMS Settings
Name: Glomms
*Homepage: http://mms.gloworld.com/mmsc
*Bearer: GPRS
*Access Point (APN): glomms
IP Address:
*Username: mms
Session Mode: permanent
Authentication type: normal Your Ad Here

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automatic configuration will be better. Nokia c5

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